Relationship or Friends with Benefits?

April 11, 2011 Comments Off on Relationship or Friends with Benefits?

In our walk with Christ we are often faced with many decisions to do or not do something. Much like a relationship with another human being, I ask the question: Do you want to be in a real relationship with Christ or to be friends with benefits? I think far too many people find themselves being friends with benefits; they want the benefits of knowing Christ, but aren’t willing to make the full commitment. They want the ability to have Christ when they feel like it and when they need Him most, not all the time.

If you are to truly expect to see long term benefits and life changing elements of God in your life, you need to make the full commitment to be in a relationship with Christ. Through the good and the bad, making sacrifices everyday, and spending time in constant communication with him.

Because much like “friends with benefits” neither person leads on that they are even with that person and I don’t think you want Christ denying knowing you before our Father God.


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