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We often times run away from something you shouldn’t because we’re scared.

1. VISION begins with an accurate view of Jesus

Acts 26: Paul doesn’t recognize who Jesus is until Jesus knocks him off the horse. Jesus is not your homeboy, Jesus is your savior who died for you in the most painful way possible. I don’t think your homeboy would do that for you, seriously!   In order to know what God wants, we have to know who he is. God puts his SUPER on your NATURAL= You become unstoppable

2. VISION calls us to action

When the alarm goes off in your home, you’re not just going to sit around.    Take action, Jesus responded to the alarm God put in his life by dying on the cross.  People often use prayer as an excuse to not act on something and delay further “I am waiting on God” No you’re not, God isn’t Forrest Gump. He’s right here.  There are actions in your life that God is calling you to do that doesn’t need waiting.   You do not have to pray whether or not it’s right that you’re having sex  -Acts 26: Jesus told Paul “Get up and stand on your feet”; you know God wants you    -We often say “other people can do things for God because I just have such a dark past that God will never want to use me”  Jesus died on the cross for your sin, your sins were known before you were even created on this planet.
”Get up!!!” Rahab was a prostitute and Paul was a murderer, you have no excuse . Before God can tell you what to do next, you have to do what’s at hand now. If God is ever done with you, he will kill you. Moses wasn’t called to lead the israelites out of Egypt until he was 80 years old.

3) VISION will impact me personally

– Verse 18: Jesus tells Paul everything He wants him to do and tells him it will be painful. You have to see it, you have to blind the selfish desires to see what God wants. –What would you be willing to do for God if you knew you wouldn’t fail? -You’re a coward if you don’t do the thing that is your answer to that question. You can’t tell God this is my agenda, please bless it. He comes first, always. You have to feel it: it is not our life, we don’t own it- give it all back to Him. We cannot follow someone that had nails put through him and was whipped and expect that it’s going to be easy and joyful.

Don’t ever give up on the God that has never given up on you. God is not finished with you yet. The bible says to believe in Jesus because Jesus promised us that if we believe in Him, we can do even greater things than what He did. Jesus had a virgin birth -Jesus conquered death -Jesus fed 5,000 with nothing If what He said is true….Then what are we capable of in the year 2011?



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