Season of Change

May 6, 2011 Comments Off on Season of Change

(Above: My 1st picture as an Auburn student at CWE this past summer) As the year winds down and tears begin to stream, a season is ending and a new one is beginning. For many of us, we are leaving the thing we love and realizing just how old we’re getting. But, there is a time and a place for everything…

While I may talk about Auburn a lot in this post, it is relevant for everyone to read…

Being a true friend is more than just being in a lot of pictures together, going to dinner, and writing on each others facebook walls. Being a real friend is about going through the worst of times together, being there for each other when nobody else would be. Prior to this year, I didn’t know what being a true friend meant. I didn’t know what ingredients were necessary to have a beautiful friendship, but these people have taught me all I could ever ask for. Being a true friend isn’t about doing things when it’s convenient for you, it’s about being there when it’s inconvenient for you. Taking yourself out of the situation and looking to see just how bad someone needs you there. Comforting you when something goes wrong and building you up as a person.

The power of the spoken word is something that we all underestimate. Each and every person has the power to make someone’s day or ruin it. You have the opportunity to speak life into someone or speak continual death into their life just based on the words you choose. My friends have been so encouraging and positive to me this year, even in times of dire trouble that we survived together. Building each other up after break ups, heartaches, family situations, or bad test grades we all stuck together. Understand this, the ability to frequently speak life into someone else’s life comes down to whether or not your are already speaking positively into your own life. Are you speaking encouragement to yourself or beating yourself up over a situation? God calls you out of death and your sinful nature into a life full of blessings and second chances.

Believe in yourself and believe in your vision. I never knew what it was like to believe in myself and where I was headed with my life. God has given each of us a special calling and vision for our life, believe in that vision! When I truly took a leap of faith and let go of all my insecurities, my vision took off for my life and I will never regret it. Whether you’re 20 years old or 60, don’t let your greatest fears be your greatest regret because you were too scared to accomplish the vision God has given you for your life. 

If you want to be loved, show love- not helplessness and drudgery. If you are truly going through a tough time in your life or a point of discouragement, don’t wear your heart on your shoulder. Rather, show love to others in your worst circumstances and it will come back to you, eventually- I promise.

Your greatest breakthrough will first be your greatest struggle. God isn’t a fan of freebies and I’m not either. God will bless your life immensely once you learn to praise Him in the storm and not be fearful of even just the rain. Nothing in life comes easy and free because that’s just fair, don’t give up on the God that has never given up on you!

I have learned more than I could ever imagine to learn in a life time in one year at Auburn. I cannot wait to see what Sophomore year holds. I love you guys! Auburn Family.


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