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May 9, 2011 Comments Off on Weighing In

When we step on the scale, we fear that we going to weigh a lot…However, we step on the scale for God, we need to hope to break the scale.

So often times in our life, we like to look to numbers as a representation of how we are doing in life. For example, we step on the scale to see if we are eating too much, too little, or how much muscle we’ve gained. We fear being overweight because our society sees “fat” people as a negative superlative/characteristic of a human being. We carry extra weight with us, our weight builds over the years, and eventually we almost max out the scale and are embarrassed. However...

Have you ever considered being “fat for God”? When we step on Gods scale, He wants us to carry as much weight as possible- He wants our life to have significance. Moreover, God wants our life to carry weight for the glory of His kingdom. God doesn’t want us to be going on a spiritual weight diet or lowering our spiritual calorie intake.

I think so often times, we are guilty of going on a spiritual weight fast. We take God out of our life for a day, a week, a month, or a season in hopes of losing our spiritual weight to be able to do whatever we want. We want to live a little and have some fun without having the responsibility of answering to God or stepping on the spiritual weight scale. We want to live our life however we want without having to be accountable to anything- especially not a scale. We want to indulge ourselves in whatever we can get into and feel the freedom of being alive. But there is many dangers in fasting…

When you fast, your body begins to shut down and your metabolism slows down. When you fast, you feel light headed and weak in strength because your body isn’t getting the necessary fat and calorie intake it needs to function and process. Moreover, your body isn’t fully functioning because not all the organs are engaged because they are not having to break down and process food. Much like a food fast, the effects are the same for a spiritual fast: you begin to shut down your connection with God and feel weak. You aren’t living your life to the fullest and are wasting away the holy spirit and God inside of you because you aren’t feeding yourself the word of God. Slowly and slowly you begin to fall away before you know it- even though you only planned to fast for a week. A week turned into a year and then a lifetime away from God.

So, my challenge for you today is: Are you going to be FAT on God or are you going to live your life hoping just to show up on the spiritual weight scale? Are you going to max the scale out because the weight of your life for God means something?


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