Leadership 101.

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Often times, God calls us to be a leader not only to others, but ourselves. Taking on the responsibilities of a leader could be the greatest breakthrough in your life.

For many of us, being a leader of a large company or nation is intimidating, but have you ever considered you can be a leader to just the people that you work out with or even sit next to in church on sunday? Being a leader is more than just standing up in front of a camera and giving a speech; being a leader is about synthesizing information and enabling others to understand God. We often confuse leadership with leading in a direction, but being a true leader is also about leading people in a mental/spiritual direction as well.

We use the excuse of not acting as a leader because we feel like we don’t have enough or the right people supporting our cause. We think that if we were on the Oprah show or an influential radio station that more people would help us out. We focus on trying to manipulate the people ahead of us in life, rather than empowering the people around us. Moreover, we seek attention from societal leaders that are above us in society, rather than empowering the people God has blessed us with that are around us to accomplish that same goal. Instead of manipulating someone, which has an awful connotation, we can empower the gifts inside people that are around us to accomplish that same goal and let God be glorified.

Each and every person has a special gift and calling in life. As a leader, it is your duty to call that gift out in someone and enable them to use that gift, rather than focusing on herding people in a certain direction and drawing attention to yourself. Sometimes we pray for a miracle in our life, but God instead wants us to be the miracle in someone else’s life first. If you are a good leader, you have the ability to step out of the situation and recognize that your greatest breakthrough may simply breaking the walls down for someone else rather than having the walls removed in your life.


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