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Whether we realize it or not, our choices aren’t always sporadic and last minute. Inside all of us, we have two inner voices that speak to all of us: the devil and God. 

In life, choices await us at every corner, bank, stop light, church engagement, and morning we rise. Who are you listening to for your choices? You see, if you are a believer you have the holy spirit inside of you- the voice of truth. However, we also have the voice of the enemy inside of us because we are all humans and sinners.

Each and everyone of us have a choice to listen to Gods voice on our life or the lies of the enemy. Which voice are you looking to hear? Do you feel like you’re a failure? Do you feel like you’re too dirty and messed up for Jesus to ever love someone like you? Do you feel like all God does is condemn you whenever you’re trying to have some fun in your life? That this whole God thing is pointless other than those perfect people that have it together and sit in church every sunday…

The voice of the devil is attractive to our human nature, it speaks to our human urges and nature by appealing to the easiest way out of a situation. It tells us that what we’re doing isn’t a big deal and that God will understand, but then when we do as it says it blows up in our face and says God could never love us and what an awful christian we are because of it. We all hear it, don’t think it’s just you. The devil wants to tear you down by woahing you with worldly desires, but then taking your soul and God given life to shreds and making it wortheless. He wants you to run after the “american dream” and never change someones life.

The voice of God is calm, truthful, and usually most confusing. Why? Because our ways aren’t His, we can’t fully comprehend why God wants us to act in a certain way and that’s why we don’t act on His voice. This voice leads to eternal Glory with Christ, it leads to being a world changer and servant of Christ. This voice values who you are and wants something more for you.

What am I getting at? What’s the point of this post? Well, I want to know what voice are you listening for and action on? You see, God doesn’t want to let you live this half-ass life, filled with emptiness after the season of fun has passed. Someone spoke something over you when you were younger, they told you that you were worthless, over-weight, or a nobody. You’ve let that vision become a reality and since then, you’ve listened to the voice of the enemy because you feel like God could never want you and would never speak to you. You keep living life listening for the voice of the enemy to tell you how pathetic you are because you’ve accepted that this is as good as it’s going to get…AND THAT’S SO WRONG.

You have a choice, you don’t have to hide in shame. God wants to give you a new life and that will only happen when you let the darkness inside of you be exposed to the light (Jesus). Just a drop of Jesus blood covers our entire life full of wrong doings, just a drop. Jesus bled profusely just for you, to give you a fresh new start. From this day forward, you can turn your life around and let just that drop of blood cover your entire past!

Right voices = Right Choices

Wrong Voices = Wrong Choices

Whom are you listening for?

Jesus accepts you for who you are, but doesn’t plan to leave you who you are…He wants you to be something greater. See, our most common misconception is that we have to clean up our act before we can go to God. We have to stop having sex, stop drinking, stop being disrespectful, get out finances in priority first, BUT the reality is that we can’t become clean unless we’re with God. We can’t become clean and pure until we get to Jesus. Jesus wants to clean you up for who you are and turn you into something greater, someone better…All you have to do is stop listening to the lies being fed into your mind that you’re no good, you’re a terrible mother, you’re too fat for someone to listen to you, that nobody likes you- they are all lies.

Stop living in the lies and step into the light to see who you really are, God’s beautiful creation!

You don’t have a choice who to listen to. You don’t matter to God. You don’t have a beautiful personality.


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