Lights, Camera…Cut?

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 Have you ever been on the brink of something amazing, like your life was finally on track finally? Then, out of nowhere it comes crashing down…Lights, Camera, Cut?

So lets set up the scene: a beautiful/handsome boy or girl with the perfect height, with eyes that can make anyone melt inside, the kinda of voice that makes everyone look at them when they’re speaking, the intellect that makes you feel safe, yet the caring ability to hold you tight and make everything wrong in this world go away. A high paying job with minimal hours, but gives you plenty of time to do your favorite hobbies and has plenty of room for promotion. Bank statements laid out across the table confirming your investments with promise of 20% gains in the first year. A decent car, a nice church, and a apartment that you’re not ashamed of, but totally willing to have friends and family over with because you’ve decorated it and invested time into it’s appearance. A few devotional books on the shelf that have given you the courage to make some wear and tear in your bible now and then.

Role sound…

Role Video…



Action CUT!

God called cut on the scene because something didn’t look right in the scene- your life. Maybe things were removed little by little, maybe the relationship of your dreams slipped right through your fingers, maybe your health dwindle in an instant, maybe you lost your job when everything seemed to be going right, or maybe you fell into addiction in the highest point of your social gain.

The director, God, has a vision for the way He wants the story to play out. He knows what each and every scene should look like, the attitude each character should have, and the environment the scene needs to be in. Maybe you didn’t understand why certain things had to be taken out of the scene, your life, but guess what…You’re just the actor, you don’t get a say.

While what the actor does is completely up to the actor, the reality is this: If the actor doesn’t do what the director wants him to do, He isn’t getting paid at the end of day and will find himself going from the lead role to the movie janitor. No, God isn’t a cruel God that wants you wiping floors for the rest of your life, but He certainly is a just God. But here’s the thing- you can go out and live your life anyway you want; you can get a fake ID, you can buy some drugs, you can go to church, you can drive to the other side of the nation, you can buy 100 whoppers, but at the end of the day God is going to have His way with your life and it’s going to come in 2 ways: 1) Eternal life in Heaven because of you serving Him on Earth or 2) A life in hell because you denied Him on this Earth.

Get this: You may have thought you lost it all, but God was just adjusting the scene so that people could see you more clearly. The bible tells us that His ways are not our ways, so we have to trust that what He is doing is going to benefit us because all things work according to His purpose for our life.

Oh yeah, and another thing… It’s not always a loss or removal in the scene of your life. God may add something to it to liven up the scene, the background, or the environment, but He expects you to act no different than you were in the scene before this just because something was added. See, God isn’t going to give you something greater and expect you to runaway from Him and forget who even gave it to you in the first place. God gives us greater things to enable us to do something more, to look different, or to reach more people- not satisfy our needs, our ego, and our bank accounts.

Role sound…

Role video…



(You choose: Action or Cut)

Are you going to be the person God wants you to be? Are you going to do as the director instructs you, say what he wants you to say, act the way he wants you to act for this scene for your life and allow him to choose action? Or are you going to keep living life as you see it, looking the way you want, drinking the things you want, and hurting the people you love the most and choosing cut?

(BTW- This is only a preview of what my book will be about. “Lights, Camera, Cut?” is in production)


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