I am: a Lady in Waiting

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**NOTE: I asked a very special friend of mine to write this for yall and I am very proud of her! Please read this, it’s really great**

I guess you could say I have always been a little boy crazy… I’m sure girls out there will agree in that sometimes it is easier to be friends with guys than it is with girls! But when it comes down to it girls, there is so much beauty in being a woman in love with the Lord.

Boys, don’t think that because I’m addressing girls that it doesn’t apply to you… this is what you should be looking for in your girlfriend and one day wife!

Here’s a little background info to preface: I recently went through the break up with my boyfriend, and quite honestly my closest friend from the last 3 years. The reason we decided to end our relationship was this: we both need to be pursuing our personal relationship with the Lord rather than our personal relationship with each other. Up until now, I never realized that I needed to be single for my personal relationship with the Lord to grow. I always identified myself with whomever I was dating, rather than identifying myself with the Lord…

I just bought a book called Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendal and Debby Jones, and have been using it to help figure out my identity as a single; it has been life-changing. I have really begun to see what the Lord is wanting me to see and realize in my life right now! And whenever i say single, I am referring to an unmarried individual; dating status makes no difference here.

1.     Fulfillment for a Christian woman begins with the Lordship of Christ in every area of her life.

⁃     One of the hardest things to recognize is that all of your efforts towards fulfillment, joy, happiness (etc) may quite possibly be wrong. Feeling fulfilled means to feel complete in your life. And the only person that can bring true and lasting “completeness” or fulfillment is Jesus Christ. Have you always felt like your life will pull together when you have a husband, kids, and that cute little dog you shove in your purse? I have always dreamed about that… However, an unmarried girl (or boy) should not waste time on wishing for the “chaos” of a family. When you let the Lord rule in every area of your single life- thoughts, actions, desires, hopes, dreams, expectations, sorrows- then will you experience the happiness HE gives. The joy HE gives. the love HE gives. The satisfaction HE gives. The fulfillment HE gives.

2.     Be diligent to use your single (unmarried) time wisely.

⁃     A single man or woman has more time, and ability to follow the call of the Lord than a married person does. Think about it, if you want to become a missionary to Africa one summer, raise money and go! If you were married, you would have to raise the money for you and your spouse, not to mention finding a home there etc.

Ephesians 5:15-17 ” Be very careful, then, how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”  The Lord wants us to use our time wisely, make the most of every opportunity, and to serve Him without grumbling!A single man or woman can be involved in the Lord’s work on a level that a married individual gives up on their wedding day.

3.     Find a Ministry and GET INVOLVED!

⁃     I recently wrote this in a journal:

⁃     I want to figure out where the Lord wants me to be, where He wants me to go, what He wants me to do. I’m tired of sitting on my butt doing nothing, and hoping something will fall in my path… I want to figure out what kind of ministry the Lord wants me in, because according to 1 Cor 15:58,when I go into it wholeheartedly-it will be wholly worth it.

Do you have your life on hold until you find someone to hold?

Fall in love with Jesus first, HE Is your ultimate “Mr. Right”…. and until that sinks in, your earthly “Mr. Right” will just be every other guy.


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