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Having to forgive is more than just forgiving your best friend for forgetting to pick you up after class at the right time. It’s forgiving yourself for yourself first.

I think so many times we associate forgiveness with something that is earned through making up our mishap to someone else by making them happy again. However, foregivness isn’t earned, it’s a free-gift given to you.

We think that as long as we foregive others of everything, then we are forgiving all we need to, but what are you personally holding onto?

What haven’t you forgiven yourself for yet?

I think we overlook ourselves in our own insecurtities because we are too afraid to analyze our own life for mistakes, mishaps, and sorrow. We like to overlook our own disappointments in ourselves by pointing them out in others instead of ourself. We use our knowledge against ourselves by never making it two-fold and applying to our own lives. We preach one thing and do another, we say one thing and do the opposite.

We counsel others, but we don’t counsel overselves because we’re scared.

Jesus didn’t die so that we would have to live in sorrow and shame. Jesus died to give us the ultimate free-gift of foregivness…forever. Not just some of the time, on certain areas of sinning, or for X amount of uses. Jesus died so that we would be forgiven of all our sins, forever, all we have to do is unwrap the free-gift sitting right infront of us and process his name.

The only thing that keeps us from foregiving ourselves is ourselves. We are too afraid to let go, too afraid to let go of our shame in our sin because we think that God would never love us anymore, that He doesn’t want to use us anymore because we’re dirty and wortheless.

In the bible, some of the most powerful people were ex sinners, murders, prostitutes, and most famously a thief.  Now you may not be selling your body, but you’re treating yourself with the same shame and guilt as if you were because you think you let God down. Well here’s the thing:

You did…We all do, everyday…

Foregiveness starts with:

  • Accepting yourself as a human being, not a perfect do-gooder
  • Receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior
  • Accepting what you did is in the past and can’t be changed
  • Admitting your sin to yourself and moving past it
  • Letting go of all your feelings
  • Believing that there is, in fact, power in what Jesus did on the cross
  • Understanding grace.

Grace isn’t given to us as a free-pass to do whatever we want and still be able to go to Heaven. Grace is issued to us by Christ, so that we will know better the next time around not to commit the same exact sin.

So, what are you struggling with? What haven’t you foregiven yourself for? What are you hiding underneath your breath? It starts right here, right now with you and God.



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