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“When you find yourself at your darkest hour,

When you find yourself weeping and alone,

When you find yourself looking for power,

When the only thing you can find to eat is a bone,

When you are in need of a strong tower,

When you find yourself looking for a home,

When your life seems ever so sour,

All you want to do is runaway and roam,

When you have no one to turn to because they’re a coward,


-Eric Savage

I think for many of us we forget the power of prayer, we use prayer as a means of giving God empty promises that we can never keep. We tell God that if He would just answer this one prayer we would finally decide to give our life over to Him. If He could just see this deal through, we would finally start going to church again.

Prayer was meant to petition to God for the impossible. Prayer was a time of solemn, serious requests to God. Not a time to ask for a good grade on your test because you were cramming the night before or asking for money because you spent all of your paycheck already.

When you learn to pray for the impossible, you become unstoppable. You allow yourself to be used by God and to truly seek His will for your life by praying to Him for real issues. God deserves a God sized prayer, not something that sparknotes can accomplish.

What would happen if you truly and deeply asked God for the impossible(s) in your life? What would happen if you stopped treating God like a genie in a bottle and began to seek His will in prayer? What would that look like?

Praying for the impossible in your life isn’t irresponsible. It’s responsible. God didn’t create you to pray for things that will further your wants and needs, but to pray for things to be revealed to your on your mission to find His will. Why would God answer your prayer when you’re asking for something that wouldn’t glorify Him in anyway?

Prayer isn’t a game of luck or chance, it’s a time to hear and speak to God your Father.


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