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All scars tell a story. Stories of wounds suffered, some of them outside and some of them inside. Our individual scars tell the story of our lives.  But there are some scars that tell us a very different story…

A story that begins and ends with love. We were created to live and love our Creator, to be in His presence and enjoy His company. But love is a choice. And sometimes you choose to leave that relationship, wounding yourself with sin and separation from God.

It was a wound that would never heal, except by an unimaginable act of true love. Gods only beloved son, Jesus. took on your sin on the cross. Suffering the pain and consequence that we all should have gone through: death and separation from God forever.  

But God made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up His one and only precious Son to die in our place to heal our scars and to take the place of our sin.

He was beaten beyond recognition, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if He was a human or not. Thick nails pierced through his hands and feed, blood gushing, and a crown of thorns dug deep into His forehead. The son of the Creator of the universe could have ended the pain and killed everyone watching Him die in the blink of the eye, but He didn’t. Jesus could have ended His pain, but instead endured the most excruciating death known in the history of man, suffering for hours on end, because He loved YOU.

And on the third day He rose and was resurrected in a perfect body except for one thing- his scars; the marks of sacrifice, the proof that He conquered and endured the cross for our sins.

All scars tell a story. Ours are stories of pain and brokenness, but Gods is a story of forgiveness and love. And for the rest of eternity, His scars are a story of his unending and perfect love for you.

8but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

-Romans 5:8



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