Marry Me? (Pt.1)

July 10, 2011 Comments Off on Marry Me? (Pt.1)

I wanted to clear one thing up: I am not proposing to anyone, so don’t get bent out of shape because of the subject. I am currently single. I decided I would take some time, whether it be two days or this entire week, to write a few posts on marriage as it seems to be a popular topic lately (thanks a lot royal wedding). PS- I promise even if you are already married, you’re going to get something out of this.

25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. -Ephesians 5:25

The reason I opened with Ephesians 5:25 because it is a critical error that society isn’t ingraining into the minds of young men today. I am growing up in a generation that allows men to use women as they like: to make women be of service to any and all requests of men and for the young men of today to use and abuse their so-called right of authority. Jesus gave up His life in ultimate sacrifice for the body believers, the church, because He loved us so much that He didn’t want us to suffer in eternal damnation. When was the last time you even sacrificed a moment of your time with a girl because it was something that would make her happy?

Now guys, before you get all ruffled up…I do understand that Ephesians 5:22 states “22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.” However, when was the last time God asked you to compromise your morals? Never. Women are to be submissive to men AS they are to God, whom they serve faithfully. 

Finding a significant other is about more than who is willing to put up with your flaws or who lives on the wild side, yet pretends to be a christian on Sunday to make you look like a family on Sundays. Find someone that can live out the fruits of the spirit in your relationship and their own life:

  • Love– the couple would love each other and exhibit it in their relationship
  • Joy– each would live their life with Joy that God has given us from seeking him first and would exhibit a happiness that could not be matched except through Jesus
  • Peace– the relationship would not have consistent fights or anger exhibited
  • Long suffering– the couple would be able to get through the hardships
  • Kindness– a relationship where they care for each other at every moment
  • Goodness– A relationship that dwells on the good and strives to do good for each other and for the world
  • Faithfulness– a relationship where they honor the commitment to each other no matter how hard the times may get but honor that God calls us to be faithful to one another
  • Gentleness– a woman that is gentle can speak a thousand words to a man and can calm him down in the worst of all situations,
  • Self Control– you aren’t putting yourself first in your life or going after the desires of the world that will tear you relationship apart.

If someone isn’t willing to be in a relationship with Christ, then they certainly aren’t willing to be in the kind of relationship you’re looking for. If He/She isn’t willing to love Jesus, then there is no reason they are ever going to love you.

And if you’re already married, it isn’t too late to take your marriage to the next level by not only be an example in the home by exemplifying the fruits of the spirit in the most important relationship you can have- Jesus, but also loving on your family and spouse! It’s never too late for anything.


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