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In my opinion, these are the 6 greatest myths about God, the bible, and christianity facing people today. (PART 1: 1-3 myths)

  1. I can avoid conflict with myself and others and still have an impact as a follower of Christ. People today, especially in this modern society, love to believe that we can be luke-warm christians and still have an impact. It’s all about avoiding conflict, avoiding getting sued, hurting peoples feelings, or avoiding someone rejecting us in this modern era. The truth of the matter is you’re never going to have an impact if you’re too busy playing defense and never playing offense for God. Too many times we think christianity and growth is found in going to church lunches, going to do a mission trip once a year, and staying to favorite youth group click. Well guess what, Christianity isn’t just for you. Jesus died for absolutely every human being on this earth and you’re wasting your time living in your safety circle of people that won’t give you resistance about your faith and challenge you to think more about it. The resistance you face in your life is the true indicator of the potential impact you can have on the world around you. If you’re really onto something, the devil is going to try and discourage you before you get to your breakthrough point by pushing you to your breaking point. Hold fast, stand firm.
  2. I have really messed up in my life. I’m not worthy to be a Christian- God would never want to use me. (Romans 8:1, Romans 3:23, John 3:16) For so many people today, we sin and think there’s no point in serving God after that because we fall apart. We feel like we let God down and we can never earn His trust back. God isn’t after your behavior, He’s after your heart and expects you to do infinitely worse than you expect yourself to do. Grace doesn’t give us the free pass to sin, but gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to draw closer to God in our times of failure. If this is you, you must not be reading the bible very much because some of the greatest people in the bible were the greatest failures first. Paul, the guy that wrote almost half the bible, persecuted christians and murdered them before Jesus came into his life. I don’t think you’re murdering anyone, so God can definitely use you still. God has called you into this time of brokenness to show you his strength and his power to pull you out of this rough time. A season of trial by fire to learn the greatness and power of the One you serve.
  3. I lost my purity, there’s no chance of me ever feeling special again or God loving me…No one will ever want to marry me because I didn’t wait. (2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 2:5, Matthew 9:13, Proverbs 16:2) Sure, you may have lost your purity and will never get your virginity back because you cannot reverse the clock, but Jesus can restore your heart. The BIGGEST myth is that sexual sin can be “prayed away”, but it takes more than that. Sexual sin attacks our esteem, self worth, and personal value that we put on our outlook on life. In all honesty, sexual sin’s front line of battle is in your mind. It will take a renewing of your mind to begin to fight the battle, but don’t be afraid. God has placed someone specifically on this earth for you, that will understand you, that will show His love to you by being compassionate of your situation. You can never surprise God with your actions, He already has the plan for your life written in stone. When you don’t know where to go, what to say, or how to begin to ask for forgiveness- go to the cross; understand what Jesus did for you on the cross, let His wounds heal your wounds. Heal your purity in your heart.

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