Opportunity Earned, Virtue Not Given

October 24, 2011 Comments Off on Opportunity Earned, Virtue Not Given

“Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” Ephesians 5:16

Have you ever said the words “God give me patience?”,”God give me strength”,”Make me closer with my family”, or any other virtue you have asked God for lately?

We  have a critical error in our thought process of what we expect God to give us as an answer to those requests. We believe that God is going to move in our heart and give us patience when that certain someone is around. We believe that God is going to give us strength as soon as we get off our knees from praying to deal with our situation.

While God may choose to give you that, I believe He is going to do something else instead…

Instead of adding that quality or attribute you seek, God is going to give you an opportunity to have patience or strength.

Instead of waking up the next day with a patience mindset, God is going to put that annoying someone in your life that day to see if you can be patient. Instead of giving you strength over night, God is going to remind you to lean on His strength rather than yours when a similar situation arises the next day at the office. Instead of giving you love for your seemingly unlovable family member, He will give you more opportunities to spend time with that person.

Virtues are never given freely, but are presented through opportunities God gives us throughout our day.

Stop thinking God isn’t hearing your prayer or is giving you cruel and unusual punishment when He is giving you exactly what you’ve been asking for all along.


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