Tear Down The Walls

November 7, 2011 Comments Off on Tear Down The Walls

Throughout the history of this world, we have fought to exterminate enemies of mankind, fought to exterminate global threats to our race, fought to destroy terrorism, and fought to tear down walls.

But why haven’t we conquered our own walls that we continue to build and re-build around ourself every day? Why haven’t we learned to love others on an unconditional way? The way Christ loved each and everyone of us, the love that pierced his hands and feet with agony and blood.

I long to see a generation break out of the prison cell that we have all locked ourselves inside of, through the name and power of Jesus.

I long to see a generation filled with spiritual leaders that don’t turn their nose up and shut their doors to the poorest of poor, instead that cloth them with Christ’s love.

I dream to see whites and blacks worshipping and ministering together in the south, instead of seeing segregation tear this nation apart because we think we are better than someone with a darker skin color.

I dream to see the homosexual population of this country reached for the kingdom, instead of turning them away from our churches and ministry positions.

I believe in God that has the power to raise up a generation filled with leaders that are willing to take a stand against the way things have always been done.

I believe now is the time we rise, now is the time we take a stand, now is the time we encounter the resistance. Now is the time we fight hell once and for all, now is the time we storm the gates of hell.

People of God, break out of your old ways, fill your hearts with courage and strength. Put on the full armor of God, draw your sword and prepare to make a stand against evil. Do not tremble, we have God on our side. God will go before us, God will strength our hands and feet. All we have to do is believe the Unseeable to fight for us, to conquer the land for us.

Oh God, tear down these walls. Tear down the walls we place on our brothers and sisters, tear down the walls we place around the people that love us most. Make the blind see again, let them see You love them. Spare us from evil and quicken our hearts oh God. Tear down the walls.


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