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Warehouses. Mass amounts of space that hold items that are not yet ready to go on shelf space. Some of Americas largest corporations own some of the largest warehouses in the world to hold their products that are not yet ready to be used yet. These packaged products are just as good as the one in your shopping cart, but serve no purpose as they lie dormant in the warehouse.

For many of us today, I believe that the devil has put our life in a warehouse. We see our potential, we know what we’re good at, but he is a master of making us feel useless and alone. We pray, read, and go to church as dedicated as anyone else, yet still come up empty in our hearts.

One of the biggest warehouses for many of us today is the church. The enemy warehouses us in the church as we serve week after week, but we begin to be warn down- never having the time to be spiritually fed. If the devil can’t keep you out of church, he will keep you from being fed and doubting your importance in the kingdom.

See, the devil makes us believe that we are doing our duty to God by serving in the church, but the church was never meant to be a space that held it’s possessions inside. We don’t owe God anything, there are no good works that can achieve our relationship with Him or make it better.

We have to be willing to serve IN the house, but get OUT of the house! Through Romans and Acts, the church was built to serve others- not just keep to ourselves.

If we are to be valuable assets to the kingdom, simply being in the house isn’t what we are put on this earth for…It’s time to get out!




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