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3 weeks ago, to this day, I adopted my very first puppy. She is a black labrador retriever and full of energy. One of the biggest problems I had training her was getting her used to her kennel because when I would leave, she would become all anxious and cry because she couldn’t be with me.

One of my tactics for helping her cope was that I would leave the room and shut the door, but every so often I would tell her something to reassure her that I was still with her, she just couldn’t see me.

For many of us today, I believe that God opens a door in our life, says something, shuts it, and comes back later.

God will say something to us, maybe even give us a glimpse into what He in store for us to accomplish in our future, but then becomes silent again as the door shuts.

Whether God tells us we are going to have to speak, despite us hating to speak. Whether God is telling us we are about to be tested, I believe God calls us into a season of preparation for what He has in store for next in our life.

You may get a small glance into your future by finding out you have a hidden talent or maybe God lays something on your heart. Nonetheless, I believe that God speaks quietly and softly into our hearts as He wants us to begin to prepare for what He has in store for us.

We may not always be able to see Him in our lives, physically, but He always wants us to know that He is there and knows exactly what today and tomorrow holds for us.


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