Duty of Honor

April 4, 2012 Comments Off on Duty of Honor

8 “‘These people honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.” -Matthew 15:8

Honor (def): To esteem publicly, to value, or to esteem.

The word “honor” is becoming more distant with each generation that is born. The definition is being lost in a society that concentrates its efforts on appeasing the consumer through making life easier and more beneficial for each of their own.

For many of us, I think we know and accept who God is, but do not honor nor esteem God. We believe He is real and we believe that Jesus died for us in our mind, but we do not honor God with our lives.

Prosperity yields distance from honor. For so many of us we can so easily get caught up in our jobs, our futures, or other things that are going well for us that we forget to ever even thank the one who has given us this opportunity. We allow lives and accomplishments to become our own sense of honor towards ourselves.

Have you ever thought of the value that we place on honor? How do we assign such honor to something or someone? We place a weight (value) on that thing that we honor. Have you ever thought about how much honor is worth it’s weight? Have you considered that the weight of God is unbearable because He deserves so much honor?

More than anything, Gods word should carry weight in our lives. God’s word cannot and should not be taken lightly because when we begin to disvalue the weight of something that deserves to be honored, we lose sight of the true value over time.


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