Mythbusters (Pt. 2)

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In my opinion, these are the 7 greatest myths about God, the bible, and christianity facing people today. (Part 2: 4-7)

4. My goal on earth is to survive the world. We are not called to survive this world, but to change this world. The devil leads us to believe that we are merely meant to just survive our trials, survive this lifetime to finally enjoy God in Heaven. While that is partially true, we are never called to survive anything, but to divide and conquer for the Kingdom. Jesus didn’t die for ALL of your sins in hopes that you would survive the world. If He just wanted you to survive then He didn’t even need to lay His life down. Each and every single person is called to something greater, called to a bigger purpose to change the world. It is your uniqueness that makes you powerful, your ability to conquer trials and share your experiences- not just lay them aside and hope to forget them one day. People are going to fail you, but your faith never will. Stand and deliver for The Kingdom. Be the change.

5. I should listen to every piece of advice and criticism I receive (Prov. 13:20-21). Even though someone may tell you that you are wrong or stupid, if God is telling you He wants it done THEY are wrong- God is always right. Not everyone is going to agree with you, you are going to face resistance from even other christians because they are insecure in their faith and don’t like the idea that you’ve found your calling and they haven’t. Hold firm in the promises God has made you and let Him be your friend and walk by your side. Right voices equal right choices. We listen to idiots, some of your friends are stupid. You will listen to you friends while you ignore your parents- we don’t listen to the people that love us the most.  We listen to someone that doesn’t know a thing about our life, one little decision we let them manipulate us into causes us to spend years trying to put our life back into order. We listen to the ones that can gain us the most popularity, not the most prosperity in our faith. You are special, no matter what anyone has ever told you- you matter as a person created in Gods image. Apart from God we are doomed for hell, but with Him we are destined for an eternity glorifying Him with no sorrow, tears, or pain.

6. My parents are divorced, I am doomed to have my heart broken too, so I should shut people out. If you stay close enough to Jesus, He will lift you up every time. We think great people don’t fall, but in reality they fall more than we do, but they know to get back up and show up time and time again. That tragedy of divorce is becoming more and more evident in todays culture more than ever, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be the next statistic. Yes, that happened to your parents, but it does NOT have to happen to you. The only person you have control over is yourself, you cannot control anyone elses life but your own. Through your parents divorce, you will learn what it means to fight for a relationship, to take down the barriers and to trust someone. The longer you wall up your heart, the longer it’s going to take that special person to take them down. Position yourself in a way to let God free you from this attitude and them to heal you. You cannot look to men and women to be your savior, there is no one capable but Jesus Christ who has the power to calm the storms and make the mountains move. They don’t control your destiny, He does. The longer you date and sleep around trying to heal and look for a solution to your painful problem, the more pain you’re going to cause yourself. Jesus can heal you.

7. I have to be a worship leader, author, or preacher to have an impact in ministry. We spend so much time trying to be like everyone else that we miss the uniqueness in our own life and the gifts God has given us. God has called you to do something or to be somebody special at a special place in a special time. Some people are called to be a doctor for the less privileged, to be a CEO of XYZ corporation that can donate millions of dollars to churches and charities, or maybe even an engineer that will design buildings or technology for people far from God to be filled with life in Christ. For so many of us, we know what God has already called us to be but we are too afraid to embrace the reality of the career God wants us to get on track with because it’s not one with a big house, 6 digit paycheck, or loads of vacation time. It’s not about our life to live, but ours to give to the one that gave us EVERYTHING.



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In my opinion, these are the 6 greatest myths about God, the bible, and christianity facing people today. (PART 1: 1-3 myths)

  1. I can avoid conflict with myself and others and still have an impact as a follower of Christ. People today, especially in this modern society, love to believe that we can be luke-warm christians and still have an impact. It’s all about avoiding conflict, avoiding getting sued, hurting peoples feelings, or avoiding someone rejecting us in this modern era. The truth of the matter is you’re never going to have an impact if you’re too busy playing defense and never playing offense for God. Too many times we think christianity and growth is found in going to church lunches, going to do a mission trip once a year, and staying to favorite youth group click. Well guess what, Christianity isn’t just for you. Jesus died for absolutely every human being on this earth and you’re wasting your time living in your safety circle of people that won’t give you resistance about your faith and challenge you to think more about it. The resistance you face in your life is the true indicator of the potential impact you can have on the world around you. If you’re really onto something, the devil is going to try and discourage you before you get to your breakthrough point by pushing you to your breaking point. Hold fast, stand firm.
  2. I have really messed up in my life. I’m not worthy to be a Christian- God would never want to use me. (Romans 8:1, Romans 3:23, John 3:16) For so many people today, we sin and think there’s no point in serving God after that because we fall apart. We feel like we let God down and we can never earn His trust back. God isn’t after your behavior, He’s after your heart and expects you to do infinitely worse than you expect yourself to do. Grace doesn’t give us the free pass to sin, but gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to draw closer to God in our times of failure. If this is you, you must not be reading the bible very much because some of the greatest people in the bible were the greatest failures first. Paul, the guy that wrote almost half the bible, persecuted christians and murdered them before Jesus came into his life. I don’t think you’re murdering anyone, so God can definitely use you still. God has called you into this time of brokenness to show you his strength and his power to pull you out of this rough time. A season of trial by fire to learn the greatness and power of the One you serve.
  3. I lost my purity, there’s no chance of me ever feeling special again or God loving me…No one will ever want to marry me because I didn’t wait. (2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 2:5, Matthew 9:13, Proverbs 16:2) Sure, you may have lost your purity and will never get your virginity back because you cannot reverse the clock, but Jesus can restore your heart. The BIGGEST myth is that sexual sin can be “prayed away”, but it takes more than that. Sexual sin attacks our esteem, self worth, and personal value that we put on our outlook on life. In all honesty, sexual sin’s front line of battle is in your mind. It will take a renewing of your mind to begin to fight the battle, but don’t be afraid. God has placed someone specifically on this earth for you, that will understand you, that will show His love to you by being compassionate of your situation. You can never surprise God with your actions, He already has the plan for your life written in stone. When you don’t know where to go, what to say, or how to begin to ask for forgiveness- go to the cross; understand what Jesus did for you on the cross, let His wounds heal your wounds. Heal your purity in your heart.

Sowing Seeds

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“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

In our days, weeks, and years of our lives we are constantly sowing seed. Seed to prosper. Seed to destroy. Seed to blossom. Seed to love.

Whether good or bad, the lifestyle you live today will prosper or wither the life you have for tomorrow.

An important idea to remember is that Satan likes to sow seeds in your life, just as much as you do. What starts as a small issue, continues to grow and be watered over time. Without constant seeking God and living in the promises He has given you for your life, Satan will continue to have a foot-hold in your life.

Insecurity continues to grow inside your head, you feel like nobody will ever like you. You feel that all your past mistakes are guiding you to your future and before you know it, insecurity has now grown into alcoholism, drug addiction, and a loss of purity ten times over.

Family and financial stress continues to consume your thoughts, dreams, and anxieties for tomorrow. Slowly you begin to doubt Gods goodness in your life and question whether there is a God. Before you know it, you’ve grown farther apart from the ones that love you most, you feel the need to run away in times of trouble, and forget God in the process.

Having doubts about your faith is normal, that’s our sinful-human nature. 

What isn’t ok is forgetting the promises God has given you. Forgetting where God wants to take you, forgetting your dignity, and what was done for you on the cross.

I think of the israelites. When Moses went to speak with God while they were in the wilderness, they began to doubt their faith- slowly forgetting that they were Gods chosen people. Before we know it, Moses’s own brother is fashioning them golden calfs to cope with their desire to belong to something and to get their anxiety out on. The seeds began to grow, never allowing God to move in their hearts and do some gardening.

So what is it in your life that you are allowing to grow in your garden? What things in your life are slowly beginning to wither your faith, wither your drive, and consume your mind?

Marry Me? (Pt. 2)

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“To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but both their minds and their consciences are defiled. They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.” -Titus 1:15-16

Throughout life we are faced with many challenges. Challenges that require great patience and discernment, but one of the most impacting decisions you will ever make is whom you will marry.

While there are many qualities that you may desire for your mate to posses, I want you to hear one warning as you go about searching for who you want to marry.

Not everyone is who they say they are.

Just because they say they are a christian and believe in God doesn’t mean that they truly are. Understand this, even the devil himself believes in Jesus– he was once an angel, but he does not worship and serve Him. Are you so easily fooled into trusting someone just because they say they are a christian? Do you let your guard down just because they sit in church with you every sunday? 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 says “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Romans 14:11 tell us “For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Every knee will bow and I do mean every- one day. However, not everyone will inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 7:15 tells us to be weary of “wolves in sheeps clothing”. For you see, everyone can be nice, charming, and respectful for a season, but you must learn not to form your opinions on what you hear, but rather by what you see in their life. Are they spending one-on-one time with God? Is God first in their life and priorities? Do they put God first financially and serve His kingdom?

If someone cannot explicitly describe the day they gave their life to Christ and what it meant to them, then you better run from this person. This should be the first question you ever ask anyone that you are seriously debating about getting into a deeper relationship with.

If they truly believing in Jesus, no matter the circumstance, they will never ask or demand you to compromise yourself for anything. Men are called to lead the relationship in an exemplary manner and be supportive of the goals the woman has for her life.

Women want to be loved and men want to be respected. Understanding this principal is key to having a successful relationship, but you will never gain anyones permanent love and respect by indulging in their ungodly desires. Giving into sexual favors in a long road to a deep, dark dead-end. They may say they love you because of what you do, but that love will never last and is only a ticking time bomb in their heart before they get bored and move on- leaving you broken.

From personal experience I know that so often times, especially in the South, that people want you to believe that God is apart of their life because they know you are a great person, but they are only looking to suck that God-given greatness out of you by decieving you into thinking they are something they are not.

Trust yourself. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, so I don’t want you wandering about believing that the person in your life isn’t a christian. Moreover, I am only wanting to encourage you to dig deeper with the person you are dating and to be cautious as to understanding that actions do, in fact, speak louder than words. Remembering that everyone can act a certain way for a season, but cannot put on a show forever.

Be on your guard at all times, God has called to you to be something greater than you can imagine and has someone greater than you can imagine lined up for you to be apart of that calling. Walk in faith that God will strengthen you and reveal to you the truth of your relationships, you just have to be willing to accept whatever you find out and trust Him.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” -Matthew 7:21-23

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