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Warehouses. Mass amounts of space that hold items that are not yet ready to go on shelf space. Some of Americas largest corporations own some of the largest warehouses in the world to hold their products that are not yet ready to be used yet. These packaged products are just as good as the one in your shopping cart, but serve no purpose as they lie dormant in the warehouse.

For many of us today, I believe that the devil has put our life in a warehouse. We see our potential, we know what we’re good at, but he is a master of making us feel useless and alone. We pray, read, and go to church as dedicated as anyone else, yet still come up empty in our hearts.

One of the biggest warehouses for many of us today is the church. The enemy warehouses us in the church as we serve week after week, but we begin to be warn down- never having the time to be spiritually fed. If the devil can’t keep you out of church, he will keep you from being fed and doubting your importance in the kingdom.

See, the devil makes us believe that we are doing our duty to God by serving in the church, but the church was never meant to be a space that held it’s possessions inside. We don’t owe God anything, there are no good works that can achieve our relationship with Him or make it better.

We have to be willing to serve IN the house, but get OUT of the house! Through Romans and Acts, the church was built to serve others- not just keep to ourselves.

If we are to be valuable assets to the kingdom, simply being in the house isn’t what we are put on this earth for…It’s time to get out!





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Our attitude is a choice we choose for ourselves, not chosen for us. We have an attitude about everything in life, including God and Christianity.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the past. We cannot change that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can control all the time is our attitude.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes.” –   Charles Swindol

Our attitude on life reflects on faith and belief in Christ. By what I mean is this: if you allow yourself to have a negative attitude, you are putting your faith, happiness, and destiny in this world. Let me tell you, you’re going to be let down ten times over if you allow your happiness to be stored into things of this world. So, if you are putting your hope, trust, and happiness in Christ you can never be let down or disappointed. Therefore, you will have a positive attitude.

No, being optimistic in all situations isn’t for the giddy people that get excited when a can of beans is one cent cheaper a the store.

Being optimistic is a reflection of Christ in your life because it directly relates to where you have your priorities set. Living each and everyday for Christ and allowing Him to fill our life with His joy rather than our own.

You have a choice.

Christ or the enemy.

Happiness or drudgery.

See, we like to think that the circumstances in our life define who we are, but our greatest enemy in life is ourselves. The greatest boundary we have to learn to overcome is ourselves and our own will to do what we want. Our attitude is everything- it impacts the way we feel, the way we react, the way we speak, and the way we approach our life.

‎”When you’re struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.”
– Nicholas Sparks

While Nicholas Sparks is no pro on Christian theology, he has a good point in this quote relating to attitude. We let our feelings and disappointments overcome our attitude because we think we are so awful or nobody can understand what we are going through. Therefore, we shut the world out, shut Christ out, and think that it’s all about us. However, each and everyone of us are going through something and aren’t looking at it like that.

We don’t want to accept Christ for who He is because our attitude of negativity doesn’t ever think things will ever turn around for us. We let our attitude keep us from God’s greatest gift to us– forgiveness and a brand new beginning from Christ. God wants to change everything about you, starting with your attitude.

When you wake up, He wants you to thank Him for waking you up. When you go downstairs, He wants you to be thankful that you have food to eat and nice clothes to wear. Why? Because our attitude is contagious. So what if it didn’t work out? So what if he or she broke up with you? So what if you’re not getting to participate in a certain organization? So what if you don’t look the way everybody else does? None of that matters because it doesn’t have an effect on your eternal life. 

Jesus made you in His image, Jesus wants you to love him so that you can have a loving attitude to others and let him be reflected onto every aspect of your life.

So, my challenge for today is: Your attitude is contagious, it leaves a lasting mark on people you interact with everyday. Do you want to leave them with a lasting mark that is reflective of Christ or sadness?  

Love Doctor (Pt. 5) Q&A

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This week we went through different aspects of relationships, but today I am going to answer YOUR questions. The following blog is a Q&A of questions you asked and wanted answered.

  • How can we love God, but hurt the ones around us we love the most?

So often times, it truly comes down to our own insecurity about our own life and who we are as a person. We let the things of this world define who we are: relationships, money, fitness, race, gender, and status…Rather than letting the cross define us and be secure that Jesus gave us a new beginning. We allow the devil into our thoughts, feelings, and actions and feel the sense of being better than someone by making fun of them. Our own insecurity leads to a sense of temporal security because we hurt people in our life as an attempt to heal the wounds we have. We carry over our emotional baggage into new relationships, friendships, and our walk with Christ. We love the idea that God forgives us, but can”t accept forgiving others. Withholding our forgiveness from others is a slap in the face to Christ because He died, so that we would be forgiven and have the ability to love others. 

  • Why is miscommunication bad in a relationship and what are it’s effects?

Miscommunication leads to a lot of confusion on both ends. While one person may be thinking the problem is because of one issue, the other may be in a completely different thing. It’s born in the small things in relationships (personal preferences, feelings, and background) and then grows into a disfunction relationship by not being able to communicate when the other makes us mad, sad, or angry. Being able to communicate in any relationship is a huge key to having a lasting one. Lack of communication often times can seem to be a sign of immaturity because someone will withhold sadness or anger about a situation and bring it up days, weeks, or months later. Being able to be a good communicator ensures that things are dealt with as they come along and aren’t built up inside and wrongly taken out on the other. And in all honesty, someone that is a good communicator is secure in their sense of “self” because they aren’t worried about what someone else will think and recognizes their need to be forward with the other. Jesus gives us every right to be secure in ourselves because He covered our past, present, and future flaws, so that we might live a life worry free. Having problems communicating? Start you sentences with “When you do “X”, it makes me feel “Y”.

  • Why is it so hard to be content with where God has placed you?

We aren’t content with where God has placed us because often times it’s not where we would have placed us. We like the idea of being able to think we can control our own destiny; choose the relationships we want, the amount of money we make, the place we live, the color hair of our dream spouse, or the car we drive – the reality of this is never true. God has a special plan for us, whether we like it or not, and will place us where He needs us. Don’t be naive enough to think that you can out run God or choose your own destiny, He knows everything we are going to do. You may think you are somewhere opposite of what God wants, but the reality is you aren’t opening your eyes up to all the opportunities around you that God has placed for you to discover. We allow the game of “life” to drain us of valuing our time with the people around us. We can’t go anywhere without our phone, making a status, or tweeting our opinion of our day. If we could approach life like a “walk on the beach” (CC) then we would find joy in every moment of our day. What I am saying is, when we walk on the beach all we are thinking about is the people with us and interacting with them. God tells us that our days are numbered, so we should be using every opportunity that we have to reflect our love for Christ on the ones around us and cherish their time spent with us- you never know when someone might die.

  • How do we approach the subject of love and what does that look like from a christian stand point?

Turn on the TV, read a book, check twitter, read someones wall post, go see the newest movie – you’re going to be exposed to the phrase “I love you“. Our society has become obsessed with love because we think that it fixes everything in a relationship. The only love that will ever fix everything is Christ’s love for us; the kind of love that loves our rights AND wrongs; the kind of love that covers all wrong doings, all embarrassment, and screw-ups; the kind of love that is so powerful that He gave up His life just for you and me. We try on people like we try on a pair of shoes, we keep them in our life until they get old and boring- until the color fades. That’s NOT how it’s supposed to be. God calls us to love just as Christ loved us and I don’t think Christ ever gave up on us or decided we were too boring. Jesus loved us for who we were because it was our sins that drove the nails from the cross. Do you think that’s the kind of love you’re giving that person in your life that messed up? I don’t think so. As you move through your relationship, you have to ensure that you guard your heart. There is no magic anecdote that says dating for X amount of days, weeks, months equals being able to say “I love you” WRONG.. If you can promise me 1 million dollars that you love that person with all your heart, the way Christ loves us, then you go and scream it from the roof tops that you love them. Until then, you better not even say it. Don’t allow your guard to be let down and fall for someone that only says it to have more access into your life. If someone doesn’t love Christ first, then they will NEVER be able to love you because they have no role model for the perfect form of love. With that being said, a relationship isn’t something to be taken lightly. We are called to stick it out, to love deeper when troubling times come, and to have compassion on the flaws of our lovers because don’t think that you are by any means perfect yourself.

  • Why is love so deceiving and why do I have to prove myself to others about my love for them?

The answer: You don’t. If anyone ever asks you to prove your love to them, they have unhealthy intentions caused by insecurity about themselves, the relationship, or something else that happened to them in their past that they are bringing into the relationship. You need major communication if this situation is ever to arise to be able to talk through the situation with the person, not prove it to them. Love is deceiving because even talking about the word love paralyses our self-guard because we all have a desire to feel love and be loved. However, you cannot allow hearing the words “I love you” be like a lock to a key and open your heart, thoughts, and resources up to someone. Of course, if you’re married this is totally different. We are searching in our life for happiness, security in the opposite sex, and our partner in crime and are so willing to say “I love you” as a means of trying to find someone that will give us attention. The only love that was and will ever have to be proved is Jesus’s love for us. Why? So that people far from God would not be doubting whether or not this Jesus thing is real and if He actually loved us. Jesus died on the cross, so that you would have a constant reminder to be love to the world and that you have somewhere to go when you die. Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin. Jesus lay down His life for You and for Me, so that it would cover our wrongdoing. Jesus didn’t need to live on Earth with all it’s imperfections, His purpose was to trade his life for yours. He died, so that you wouldn’t have to die to this world and be in sin forever! Love is deceiving because it’s what you want. Love is deceiving because we know that we all have to get married some day and would like to think it’s right in front of us. Love is deceiving because we think it makes our life better and happier- while it may for a season, it will never last outside of marriage.

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