Unchangeable Easter

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“He was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said.” -1 Corinthians 15:4

Easter was this past weekend, but I wanted to touch on an aspect of Easter that I believe gets left out. An important significance of 1 Corinthians 15:4 that isn’t mentioned a lot.

To me, Easter is about an unchangeable situation that everyone deemed was unchangeable. It couldn’t be reversed by the standard of the times, the Romans did everything they could to prevent anything from going in and out of the tomb of Jesus. They had soldiers sand guard and sealed the tomb with an enormous stone that weighed tons. To them and the rest of the world, it was a situation that was unchangeable- he was dead.

For you see, both Daniel (in the lions den) and Lazarus had stones rolled over where they were as well. It was a sign of the time that there was no way of getting out of the situation these people found themselves in- it was unchangeable to society.

But we all know that Jesus was resurrected, Daniel survived the night in the lions den, and Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. In all three situations, the stone that was supposed to have prevented anything BUT the original plan became a non factor.

Here’s the deal, throughout our life we are going to face situations that we deem would be unchangeable. We face immense trials and hardships that we believe will never end. Maybe it’s a illness, an immense financial crisis, a body image issue, a long drought of singleness without a spouse, or a divorce. All these situations seem unchangeable, we think that there is no way anything could possibly change, we believe that the circumstances cannot possibly ever support a change for the better.

But our unchangeable circumstance is no match for our unchanging God. Our Gods unchanging love, mercy, forgiveness, and freedom that He gives us everyday has far greater power than any of our circumstances. If we remember just how much He loves us and how awesome of a plan He has for our life, I think our “tomb” has a chance to be rolled away.



Singles Anonymous

August 29, 2011 Comments Off on Singles Anonymous

“But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:33)

The most important decision you will ever make in your life are the relationships that you allow to be in your life and the relationships you choose to take out of your life.

I guess I have such a big heart for the people that are struggling with being single right now because I have that same burden. For the people that can’t see the purpose, but can only remember that past scars and wounds that was created in your heart because of what He or She did to you.

Here’s the thing: Your ability to be single proves your ability to be in a relationship. Are you willing to put your faith in God and take a leap of faith in trusting Him with your singleness or are you constantly searching for the next relationship to fill the void of loneliness?

Learn to be secure in this season of loneliness, learn to trust God with your happiness, love, and feelings about yourself because people are going to let you down- I promise. The people that are going to be the greatest leaders and most impactful spouses in their future relationships aren’t the ones that can satisfy their loneliness by producing a date every night, but that can embrace their singleness and love on God regardless.

You carry so many burdens of past relationships and past hurts, never knowing how you’re ever going to be able to let go. You have to understand that those feelings of hurt, disparity, pain, and betrayal were set plans from the Devil to destroy your future. That abusive, destructive relationship was a plan from hell trying to destroy you. The Devil is so great at trying to distract us with things that we think are important to keep us from the things we know in our hearts are important: God.

That pain is real, those thoughts that haunt you are even more real, but they are eating you away; destroying your purpose in life. If the Devil can’t get you to deny Christ, He’s going to go after your life: mind, body, spirit.

Live in these promises…

Even though it may seem like the greatest men and women are taken, God has someone special just for me. And even that person doesn’t exist, God’s love is more than enough for me because He was willing to die specifically for me to be able to spend eternity together.

There is nobody I don’t deserve, no matter what sin I have committed. There is no such thing as a hierarchy of X amount of sins qualifies me for Y amount of goodness in someone. You are a child of the King, you deserve the best.

Even though no man or woman may find me attractive, I am still willing to run after Gods calling on my life.

Gods opinion of me matters more than anyone else. My boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t have the power to determine whether or not I enter into Heaven, nor would He ever love me enough to go through the pain Jesus went through.

God is going to captivate my heart with the right feelings at the right time for the right person. I cannot force any relationship because I cannot write my own destiny.

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