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February 26, 2012 Comments Off on Give Me More

Have you ever considered the concept of why fast food restaurants have large menus, when in reality the variation of what you can actually eat is very small. Out of multiples of combo’s, there are only slight variations- maybe an extra patty or a slice of cheese. Have you ever considered why they do this?

The more we see, as humans, the more we want. Instead of seeing just one hamburger, fast food chains show multiples of hamburgers on their menus- in all the popular ways that their customers like. When it comes time to order, we can’t decide because it all just “looks good”.

I am not here to try to make you feel guilty about that fact that you’re probably already hungry after reading this and thinking about your next big indulgence at your favorite fast food restaurant- there’s something more here that we need to understand.

When it comes to our faith, our quiet times, and our prayer life- we should be no different than how we react to a fast food menu. We should be asking God to show us more of Him, to ask Him to let us want more of His will more our life. Let our prayer be that the more we see of Gods faithfulness, love, and kindness in our life the more we want of Him.

Let us never forget the joy that is found in seeing God do impossible things through us in our life to further His kingdom. Let us never grow weary of being in His presence and wanting more of Him and less of our own desires!

The more I see of you God, the more I want. Let me never grow tired of wanting to see you move in my life!



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